Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, I nailed my butt down to the digital drawing board and did it! Here's B! Feels good to be going forward with this project, thanks for the encouragement guys :)

 For B, I knew I wanted to do a beanstalk, and I wanted the beanstalk itself to be a kind of character, I toyed with putting faces on each bean in the pod, but it read too tiny, so I changed the peas into eyeballs, thorougly creeping myself out, lol. Hopefully the white teeth read ok, I was worried I had put too many of them and it obscured the mouth too much.
Lettering is kinda like torture to me...I kinda punked out on this one.The snippets are written in a photoshop font called palomino, but the big letters are hand drawn. Maybe when I'm finished with the entire alphabet, I'll revisit the lettering.
The biggest struggle for me right now with photoshop and digital art in general is that I use dodge/burn wayy too much, I'm trying to beef up my color theory so that I can pick the right colors and highlights in the first place without going through 20 minutes of playing with the hue slider:)

Onnn to C!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alphabet Drawerings!

Here's a piece that I did to kick off a project that promptly landed before it  got to the end of the runway! An old friend and I were going to do fairytale ABC's and this was my take on "A." For whatever reasons, this was as far as it went. I'm throwing down the gauntlet 2010...this is going to be the year of "doing things" and I am going forward in many ways, and it starts with "B"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zbrush Shenanigans

Weird Snail Thing

Erm, this is a lady snail, I kind of picture her as a kind of 18th century aristocrat, very uppity. In the concept she doesn't have arms, but I fell in love with the idea of her having some of those glasses-on-a-stick that she can peer incredulously out of in her constant state of disbelief at any and all perceived hooliganism, so I had to give her arms, LOL.


I've got a long-standing fascination with weeds. I question the notion that some flowers are pests based purely on the fact that they don't require your constant hovering with a mister bottle. Every time I see a dandelion growing in a crack in the sidewalk, I think, "heck yeah."

Here goes!

Well, I've finally done it...I've set up a blog. Cross off # 1,074 from my 'things to do' list! Mostly I plan on using this space to upload art bits I've been working on here 'n there at home, and maybe eventually even some stuff I've done in the past.