Friday, May 13, 2011

Lint-A-Saurus Rex

So PSN has been down forever, and in its absence I have been filling my time with a few eh....creative endeavors. Everytime I do laundry, I always try to peel that long poofy stripe of lint from the screen in one fully intact piece. Last night's laundry produced a particularly large and unruly foe, and I was victorious! Was I just going to toss that glorious, fuzzy testament to my extraction skills in the trash? Heck no! I started playing with it, and the Lint-A-Saurus evolved from the biggest pouf of lint I have ever harvested. While we're on the vastly fascinating topic of lint....why is all lint blue anyways? I didn't even wash anything blue?!?!
To people who regularly check back here: I am so, so sorry I just made you read a post about lint.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Such is life

Well, here is another weekend zbrush experiment. Sometimes it feels kinda like this huh? I've seen this gag in cartoons so many times, but it's such an accurate metaphor. Everybody's got that carrot, that one goal or dream that always seems to dangle just two steps ahead of you, out of reach. It's good to be focused, and carrots are awesome, but every once in awhile it pays to sit a spell, you might be trotting right past the tasty flowers on the path :)  
I spent way too long putting a face on the carrot, LOL.