Saturday, July 23, 2016


Howdy folks! I'm really jumping in headfirst with all this VR stuffs. Personal projects are moving along periodically as I focus energy between job hunt stuffs and classes...but I've been wanting to finally push out something to Cardboard...and here it is! Well, this is pre-viz anyways..which is still pretty dang fun to stand inside even at this stage.  One thing I've always longed for in my non millionaire life, is a super fancy library...the kind that says,

"I definitely do not have a secret magical doorway behind the bookcase containing the large obvious ornate jewel encrusted glyph book...and under no circumstances should you turn the lantern that is slightly crooked compared to the others."

This is honestly the first place my mind went when I first saw the Oculus kickstarter....

 Experiencing something you've created with a piece of software... in a tactile way...and then being able to share that experience? Magic. My hope for the virtual space is that the world will no longer be about owning things...but the creation and sharing of things. Experiencing things.  In this new medium, artists and content creators are all Pedro now.

Is sitting in your own library in VR really that different than owning one? For now, with hardware limitations and such...yeah...but in the future...who knows?   Besides, in a real library can you can grab books via telekinesis? I'm not sure what monetary experience can duplicate that :)