Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Chocomancer

I know you've all got Valentine's Day cards, but have you ever gotten an *after* Valentine's Day card? I put some work into this on Valentine's day, but didn't quite finish it in time, here is a card celebrating...the 15th!
Valentine's Day is for lovers, but the chocomancer waits patiently, for it knows once the sun sets on February14th, it rises on a dark chocolate kingdom....the "seasonal items" aisle at the grocery store. YESSSS, SO MANY CHEAP CHOCOLATES! Stare into the gaping abyss of noughat and see your dooooom! Or noughat, if you actually like noughat. (I do!)
If you happen to like those paste creme filled chocolates though, you are way more evil than the chocomancer, even he leaves them at rest in their paper-lined tombs. What flavor are those things supposed to be???

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Owl be toasty

It's a silly little owl, um....wearing a hat? I've been talking with friends about studying masterworks to improve technique, and learn through imitation. The marvelous thing about the internet and digital reproductions is the ability to zoom in as far as I please, getting a close up look without being dragged out of a museum for getting nose-prints on an important piece of art. Lately I've been pouring over pre-raphaelite paintings. They always have that "glowey" feeling. I still have a lot to learn about palette choices, composition, and things I probably don't even know I'm lacking, but it is fun to try! Why did I choose to paint an owl in a hat? Iunno....I like owls, and I like hats? Plus everywhere in the country is so frozen over right now I'd feel guilty painting this owl outside without a hat. Stay toasty!