Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mr Happy

Hallo. This is Mr. Happy. Just playing about some more with Zbrush. This is an early stab at another character for my short, Overturned. :D I can't wait to activate my Zbrush upgrade and get the dynamesh function, should make experimenting so much easier! Why is Mr Happy so happy? Hey, I'm not gonna give away the ending :P Maybe the race doesn't always belong to the swift after all ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey there, four-eyes...

Ah, here is a downright cranky beastie, just messing about with zbrush for a bit. Every now and again I like to make something  like this, as a bit of a change. I had to fight the urge to put a top hat and monocle on it to friendly it up a bit. Who knows, maybe it just wants a hug? You go first, hehe.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fishin' Gator

Spending some time on the Mississippi coast on vacation! On the way Back from the Whistlestop cafe stuffed full of fried green tomatoes, drowsy and enjoying the scenery along the canals, I spotted this sweet little pier. I just imagined Boudreux here sittin' and fishin' and enjoying the day. I did this on iPad with Procreate. It's super awesome. Not having access to my bag of photoshop tricks is really forcing me to learn! I tried a free app to rotate and resize this, but its a bit compressed now. Perhaps when I have access to photoshop I'll upload a clearer version!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lint-A-Saurus Rex

So PSN has been down forever, and in its absence I have been filling my time with a few eh....creative endeavors. Everytime I do laundry, I always try to peel that long poofy stripe of lint from the screen in one fully intact piece. Last night's laundry produced a particularly large and unruly foe, and I was victorious! Was I just going to toss that glorious, fuzzy testament to my extraction skills in the trash? Heck no! I started playing with it, and the Lint-A-Saurus evolved from the biggest pouf of lint I have ever harvested. While we're on the vastly fascinating topic of lint....why is all lint blue anyways? I didn't even wash anything blue?!?!
To people who regularly check back here: I am so, so sorry I just made you read a post about lint.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Such is life

Well, here is another weekend zbrush experiment. Sometimes it feels kinda like this huh? I've seen this gag in cartoons so many times, but it's such an accurate metaphor. Everybody's got that carrot, that one goal or dream that always seems to dangle just two steps ahead of you, out of reach. It's good to be focused, and carrots are awesome, but every once in awhile it pays to sit a spell, you might be trotting right past the tasty flowers on the path :)  
I spent way too long putting a face on the carrot, LOL.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unintentional batman

Between doing my taxes, work, and other stuff that's been eating up my weekends, I grabbed a free bit of time to experiment with some of the brushes I hadn't played with before in Zbrush. Didn't want another weekend to pass without doing something! I sculpted half a head from a polysphere, he was looking so stern I threw a mask on him for fun and made Batman out of it. Batman is watching you...and he disapproves of your shenannigans, hehe.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Supernova, the purple Mountain Dew cow? I have been drinking the new purple Mountain Dew by the case. I keep getting email forwards from my mum about diet soda being the nutritional equivalent of a paint chip sandwich, but man, that stuff is good. At this point if they told me it issued forth from the teats of a mystical space cow, I'd still drink it...and this is what I think that magical space cow would look like. SLURM!!!!! Hehe.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Herp Derpasaurus

Another Zbrush trophy wall edition. I'm calling this one the herp-derpasaurus. This one evolved from me watching some video footage of a llama getting its teeth cleaned. Man it was weird...all that fleshy cartilage at the muzzle wagging around like some kind of alien appendage.  I imagine this guy likes to head butt fruit trees with that bony skull, and can be found derping wherever there's a herp.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


It's another weird animal for my Zbrush trophy wall! A 5 eyed screech-bat. All the better to see you with, heh. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Great Horned Swamp Snoob

The great horned swamp snoob has the shortest hunting season of any game animal. Only allowed to hunt them on April 1st ;P I hear they taste like chicken. Or fish. Or venison. Hehe. This was a quick one, wanted to do something for April fools :) Maybe I will make myself a whole trophy wall of weird Zbrush heads like this :D Tomorrow is Wondercon! I wonder if Pixologic will have an exhibit this year? I hope so!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Zbrush weekend warrior-Kaa

Did some Zbrushing over the weekend! In the Zbrush forums an artist posted this amazing series of dragons, and it got me wanting to do something scaly. Here is the results of playing with the scales brush, and also messed about with Tpose. She's a cobra-centurion. Her name is Kaa, and like Napolean Dynamite, a gang once tried to recruit her for her bowstaff skills :P

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home is where the heart is

"Home is where the heart is" in this case...literally! Whether it be an actual physical space where one feels content, or something more abstract, everyone has a "happy place." This started out a bit less....icky,  but now that I think about it, it seems right this way. Staying under a blanket eating dry cereal watching Harry Potter marathons on a rainy day in your PJ's ain't pretty, but it feels like home to me :)
Also, I think I may have come up with a technique candidate for making zombie flesh in Zbrush :P

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Itsy Emo Spider

 Here he is, ready to update his facebook status with sad emo song lyrics and sit in his web all day blogging about all things miserable :P I plan to pose him sitting and leaning over a little laptop or perhaps a journal so right now he's in an intermediate pose that reflects those plans. What about some little combat boots for his stripey legs? :P  I'm thinking a forelock of hair with a burgundy streak might finish off the look. You know, like the ones the kids outside Hot Topic are bumping into walls with, cause they have no depth perception...what with one eye being completely covered...or in this case two.
  I have no idea if there actually is a band called "Ded Spyders." If not... then dibs on the name and logo, haha!
Zbrush is so good at rendering realtime detail I can't believe my dinosaur PC is holding up under the weight of all the subtools in this model. This is a screengrab of the BPR...I'd like to try the multipass technique but when a simple BPR screengrab gives results like this it's almost like instant gratification. It would be fun to give the new Zapplink a test run to compare a mentalray/maya render with spec and displacement though.
  I really need to move on from 8 legged things, first a pig-squid, and now this spider guy, heh.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pig Squid?

Playing with Zspheres and messing about in Zbrush. It's a pig-squid-crab thing? Perhaps a source of bacon flavored calamari?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011: Zombie Yeti Edition

He shambles through the drifts at night, in search of frosty BRAAAIIIINS! This is for all my friends under the blanket of snow covering half the country. Especially my friend Becky, who challenged me to draw a zombie yeti in the first place. As suggested, his official name is Gwee :) This was a real brain buster, painting all that white on white. hopefully the yeti isn't invisible, LOL.

Monday, January 3, 2011

"Walkin' in a mucus wonderland"

Everybody sing along! "In my lungs the germs will build a snotman....."
I got the flu for my birthday! This is what I draw when I have a fever, lol. After the third straight night of hacking and coughing my brains out I imagined the germs in there having a happy time in my trachea. Sledding, building snotmen, making snot-angels, a motley assortment of ugly germs engaged in basic winter flu season shenanigans.
At some point I developed a low grade fever and began sketching since I was stuck inside anyways. I'm on vacation back home with the parents and they keep the house cozy...a temperature range somewhere between what's appropriate for incubating live chicks or forging steel. That combined with the fever, and Ny-Quil made for some strange visions. I hate being sick on vacation. S'not fun at all. :P