Sunday, August 1, 2010

Squishy Little Dictator

I think this may qualify for the weirdest thing I have ever painted! A lot of what you see here is the result of a really odd dream. As I was painting and pondering the dream, (I'll skip over the potentially embarrassing Freudian interpretations:) I decided to sketch this little beastie as "the heart." It's like a squishy little dictator...or a delicate monarch who unquestionably wins the fight vs common sense. How can our strongest part also be our weakest?


  1. That's great Laurie! The skin really feels soft and squishy....excelent job! You'll have to tell me about the dream that inspired must have been pretty interesting ;)

  2. Holy crap you are an awesome artist!! Makes me kinda jealous; I wish I had some drawing talent (I've always wanted to draw superhero comics. So much for that dream.) However, I believe I can write comics. Any chance you would want to collaberate? Thought I'd ask.
    Seriously,you're good. Did you take/are taking art classes, or is all natural talent?
    I followed your link on your blog at 1up, so I'll see you around there. I'm grumpygamer.
    Damn, I'm jealous...:)

  3. That worm skin looks so crazy and translucent- great job!

  4. Thanks! :D I looked at a lot of old school paintings and tried to figure out how they all get that "alabasterey" look. Was a fun exercise.


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