Sunday, February 27, 2011

Itsy Emo Spider

 Here he is, ready to update his facebook status with sad emo song lyrics and sit in his web all day blogging about all things miserable :P I plan to pose him sitting and leaning over a little laptop or perhaps a journal so right now he's in an intermediate pose that reflects those plans. What about some little combat boots for his stripey legs? :P  I'm thinking a forelock of hair with a burgundy streak might finish off the look. You know, like the ones the kids outside Hot Topic are bumping into walls with, cause they have no depth perception...what with one eye being completely covered...or in this case two.
  I have no idea if there actually is a band called "Ded Spyders." If not... then dibs on the name and logo, haha!
Zbrush is so good at rendering realtime detail I can't believe my dinosaur PC is holding up under the weight of all the subtools in this model. This is a screengrab of the BPR...I'd like to try the multipass technique but when a simple BPR screengrab gives results like this it's almost like instant gratification. It would be fun to give the new Zapplink a test run to compare a mentalray/maya render with spec and displacement though.
  I really need to move on from 8 legged things, first a pig-squid, and now this spider guy, heh.

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