Friday, May 13, 2011

Lint-A-Saurus Rex

So PSN has been down forever, and in its absence I have been filling my time with a few eh....creative endeavors. Everytime I do laundry, I always try to peel that long poofy stripe of lint from the screen in one fully intact piece. Last night's laundry produced a particularly large and unruly foe, and I was victorious! Was I just going to toss that glorious, fuzzy testament to my extraction skills in the trash? Heck no! I started playing with it, and the Lint-A-Saurus evolved from the biggest pouf of lint I have ever harvested. While we're on the vastly fascinating topic of lint....why is all lint blue anyways? I didn't even wash anything blue?!?!
To people who regularly check back here: I am so, so sorry I just made you read a post about lint.


  1. I tried to guess what you had used to make the dynasaur. never guessed it was lint :)

    Very creative. Must be the softest dynasaur in the world :)

  2. this is so awes.
    please post more lints.

  3. Hehe, thanks! I do have a lint stash building up :D


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