Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mr Happy

Hallo. This is Mr. Happy. Just playing about some more with Zbrush. This is an early stab at another character for my short, Overturned. :D I can't wait to activate my Zbrush upgrade and get the dynamesh function, should make experimenting so much easier! Why is Mr Happy so happy? Hey, I'm not gonna give away the ending :P Maybe the race doesn't always belong to the swift after all ;)


  1. Hes really great. I cant wait till you get your z-brush upgrade too!

  2. Thanks, Ian! The upgrade looks like it will make it possible to start with something like this and pull enough "virtual clay" down to continue sculpting a body and stuff, sounds like a dream come true to me!! Hopefully I'll be upgrading soon :D

  3. For some reason he reminds me of Cecil, the turtle that raced Bugs Bunny.

    Full disclosure: I'm one of the artists that savaged the TFB art to get it to work on the 3DS, btw. Not sure how that matters, but I was under the impression that everyone on the Justice League knew each other's secret identities. In my head, this is EXACTLY like that.

  4. Aah! You have revealed the location of the Secret Hall of Justice! :P

  5. Yes...the Secret Hall of Albany...I think I need to lie down.

    More importantly, however...

    Congratulations to the whole TFB team on Skylanders hitting shelves and getting a preposterous amount of media attention and, hopefully, sales. I imagine you see a lot more Activision suits in the lunch room these days.


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