Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kudzu, the Bayou Elf

Being back home in Mississippi on vacation inspired some Zbrushin! This is Kudzu, the bayou elf. Don't be fooled by his crawdad spear, he's pleased to meetcha. Anyone who's spent any time in the American southeast has probably seen the kudzu vines covering any surface that stays still long enough for it to take root. Most people consider it a pesky weed but it does turn abandoned buildings, lampposts, and fallen trees into fantastic and mysterious shapes beneath a blanket wonderland of greenery. This little guy is right at home in a nice patch of kudzu. :)


  1. He is REALLY cool! Can't wait to see him animated. The claw is a nice touch - it tells a little about him and his world.

  2. Thanks! He was a vacation project that I ended up creating a little back-story for. On to rigging and animation!


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