Sunday, August 3, 2014

You're a monster Zorg...............

"I know....."

A bit of Zbrush fun this weekend: Jean Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg from the 5th Element, one of my all time favorite villains, from one of my all time favorite movies! Weapons dealer, snazzy dresser, and utterer of the second most famous "I know" in sci-fi cinema history. I'd like to think maybe he's an alternate universe Han. Weapons dealer, smuggler, and CEO...what Solo could have ended up like if he'd never met Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan? I always feel a little bad for him when the black brain goo starts dripping from under his mowhawk dome. Poor guy got an offer he couldn't refuse and got himself in big trouble. Gary Oldman's self depreciating delivery of the "I know" line cracks me up every dang time. That slight eyebrow twitch, the glance down to think before answering? Hilarious.

I used dynamesh + the nifty extract feature to practice making clothing. He's rendered with the skin4 shader, and the "jelly bean" shader on his plastic hair thingy. I was gonna give his clothes and hair a whirl with some of the other shaders but since it was a caricature I thought it worked better with everything cartoony looking.  (I made the neon glowy thing in photoshop! AZZIZ LIGHT!!!!)

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