Thursday, September 4, 2014

Proper Chap

Have you seen the well to do, up and down Park Avenue? 

This is Sir William Wingsworth, and he travels exclusively by dragon-heated dirigible, as any civilized dragon should. None of that flapping about for him. (although he does secretly wish for a larger wingspan:P)
I'm experimenting with light caps in Zbrush, he's got skin shader 4 on him, and jellybean on the eyes/gemstone...but eventually I'd like to get this guy into maya and see what he looks like with some Metal Ray rendering stuffs, and brighten up those eyes!
Now that I look at it, he really *does* need a monocle.....and a flower for his lapel...ah, an excuse to revisit this later!!

oh, almost forgot....color turntable! His whiskers and eyebrows sparkle a bit though, LOL!

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